n the aftermath of the devastating nightclub fire, Susan deals with the fact that the recovering Mike is now involved with Katherine. Meanwhile, Porter gets accused of setting the fire, and Lynette decides to protect him despite not believing his innocent claims that he did not start the fire. Lynette also confronts Annie in which she bribes her to leave town and never see Porter again. Bree deals with Orson's snoring habit resulting from his broken nose, and in trying to deal with her sleepless nights, has an unfortunate reaction to one too many sleeping pills to cope with it. Carlos learns that there's a possibility he could get his sight back, but this isn't good news for Gabrielle who doesn't want him to see her as she is now. Elsewhere, Dave (the real culprit of the fire) struggles with hiding his guilt, while he begins planting evidence that Porter is the guilty party for setting the fire.

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