om fills in for Lynette at the office excellently, but when she hears Carlos plans to keep him on assuming she'll want to stay home with the baby hell breaks loose. As her sex-appeal is questioned, Susan can't resist 'tempting' Mike to have sex over and over again, until he's exhausted and spent. Having inherited Karl's share in a strip-club, she planned to sell off the 'dirty business', but after finding out Mike is well-known there waves his explanation to be their regular repair man, first acts possessively jealous and when he coldly waves her 'veto' resorts to shifting the embarrassed shoe on his foot. As the crash confined Orson to a wheelchair, Bree lets the reverend shame her into calling off the divorce and dutifully caring for him at home, but he plans a more active revenge, while Andrew is confused by their successively revealed secrets. The school entrance sage reveals Carlos's pride over his Mexican heritage clashes with Gaby's over having escaped poverty.

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