ynette is determined, more than ever, to break up Preston's upcoming marriage to the gold-digging Irina since Preston refuses to listen to anyone about his Russian bride's true nature. With a little help from Tom, Lynette does a background check on Irina and discovers the truth. Meanwhile, Gabrielle offers to help out Bob and Lee in the most generous way by offering her eggs to be their surrogate, but she does not consider the consequences. After both Andrew and Orson express suspicion about Sam, Bree begins to question his motives over Sam running her cooking business. Also, Susan gets creative to help Mike with his finances since his pride and male ego makes him not wanting to ask for any help. Elsewhere, Patrick Logan secretly arrives in Fairview and, unbeknown to Angie or Nick, makes contact with his biological son, Danny, who doesn't know Logan's true identity or agenda.

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