ather then letting Andrew try to oust Sam, whose job he got, while Orson is useless due to his wheelchair, Bree invites two cop friends to scare Sam into accept severance. Instead, he blackmails her for all business interests as drunk Danielle told him how Andrew killed Carlos's mother. With Danny tied-down, Patrick forces his college ex Angie to help with his revenge plan. That includes getting rid of visiting neighbors, but Gaby's requests for help with lasagna allows slipping out a note. Susan uses all her female charms and tricks to collect most payments due to Mike, but stupidly tries to handle their tax debt the same bully way, resulting in fines they can't afford, so they may loose the house. Preston is only shortly a suspect for the serial murders, including his Russian ex. When Lynette hears his mother is the latest victim, her naive compassion goes terribly wrong.

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