atherine becomes emotional over a wedding cake that she made for her and Mike's aborted wedding. This leads to a quarrel between her and Bree over using the cake, and Bree realizes how seriously unbalanced Katherine is since Mike left her. As Lynnette begins to show symptoms of her pregnancy, Carlos mistakes Lynnette's increased bust size as a breast enhancement. Karl and Bree send a span of seductive text messages to each other behind Orson's back. Meanwhile, Gabrielle continues dealing with Ana who continues dating her past flame John Rowland. Elsewhere at the hospital, Julie finally comes out of her coma, but she cannot identify her attacker. Susan becomes more of an emotional wreck when Andrew tells her that Julie was involved with a married man, named Dominick. Also, Angie bribes Porter to help throw a party for Danny as more secrets of the Bolen family's past is revealed.

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