ree finds herself in a dilemma when a maid at a local motel, where she and Karl have been meeting for weeks now, reveals that she knows about her extramarital affair. Meanwhile, Gabrielle inadvertently makes a business deal of Carlos' bad when she insults a woman whom is married to a local businessman who is planning to merge his company with that of Carlos. Gabby makes matters worse when she tries to throw a birthday party for Juanita by going all out to win the affection of the other neighborhood kids. Lynette employs Mrs. McKlusky's beau, Roy Bender, as a handyman whom appalls her with his work as well as his siding with Tom over work issues. Elsewhere, Danny tells his father, Nick, that he knows about his extramarital affair with Julie when she comes home from the hospital. Danny also gives Julie his parents gun to use. The situation goes from bad to worse when Susan accidentally tries to shoot Katherine, who is still stalking her in her twisted agenda to win Mike back. Angie and Nick then try to defuse the situation to not involve the police since they are still trying to protect their real identities.

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