hen Lynette goes to find Tom at the university where he is currently attending Mandarin classes, she discovers him not only partying with frat guys in a desperate effort to keep his youth alive, but cheating in class as well. Meanwhile, Gabrielle objects to a school principal's choice of removing Juanita from the Thanksgiving beauty pageant when the overweight and spoiled youngster curses in public, and Gabby refuses to admit that she is the one responsible for her two daughter's foul language. Karl gives Bree an cameo pin heirloom as a gift only to discover that Susan previously owned it herself. Also, Katherine continues her twisted, but pathetic, attempts to seduce Mike, and gets into a cat-fight with Susan. Angie continues to hide facts about her past life, while she continues to play both Katherine and Susan against each other. Orson discovers that Bree lied to him about where the cameo pin that she has came from, and his suspicion will be aroused about what is going on with her.

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