ince there's been another attack in the neighborhood at the coffee shop, Nick and Angie disagree whether to turn themselves into the FBI or must leave Wisteria Lane with Danny before their real names are identified as the mystery to who they really are continues to deepen. But after Julie rejects Danny's advances, he attempts suicide by swallowing a bottle of pills. Meanwhile, Carlos fires Lynette after learning that she lied to him about being pregnant. But Carlos tells her co-workers that she's being transferred to Florida, and has them throw her a party. Lynette decides to hire a lawyer to sue her former company as well as the Solises. Elsewhere, Mike goes to pick up M.J. from a birthday party, but learns Katherine already picked him up without permission. Mike confronts Katherine after finally seeing that she's MORE sicker and insane than Susan and trying to destroy his life. But afterwords, Katherine gets attacked and stabbed. Is Mike responsible... or someone else? Also, Bree bribes an ex-con to spend time with Orson in hopes Orson will violate his parole and go back to prison. Susan discovers the truth about Bree's affair with Karl. Later, both women express their feelings while paired together in a self defense class.

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