om generously offers a $20,000 budget to redecorate his office to enthusiastic Renee and Lynette, who alas back-stabs her partner pretending she knows what Tom really wants better then he does, but ultimately that's respect and support now his career finally pinnacles. Carlos won't take Gaby back as long as she consorts with Bree, yet that's where she stays 'a while' but their unruly spoiled daughters. Even drill expert Bree fails to discipline the brats, until Carols tells his daughters who really killed their grandma, but their fear-spurred obedience soon turns into terror, once more bringing flirtatiously teasing police detective Chuck Vance on Bree's path. Mike urges Susan to probe her undeserving 'nursing charge' Paul about returning their home now they're out of debt. Alas, poison mongering by Felicia spoils both that and Susan's bid to coax the PTA into inviting the principle to take her back as teacher.

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