fter the disastrous weekend, Tom keeps his suitcase packed to spend time apart in a company flat. Bree can't resists visiting cop lover Chuck Vance's wife's horribly tacky boutique with Renee, intending to speed up the divorce settlement by spending well, but betrays she's his mistress, with the inverse effect. Renee ignores her ex Doug's call assuming his latest floozy dumped him, but when the gay couple hears on sports channel he'll remarry, she throws herself on the barman, a commercial actor. Having recognized her sexually abusive stepfather Alejandro, whom she believed dead, Gaby takes him to the woods at gun point, then tells him to stay away forever. But he reappears at the walking dinner for Susan's return, which also misses its main course due to Chuck's first sex with Bree. Carlos intended just to knock him out, but the blow is fatal and several guests see them with the corpse.

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