ortwenn gathers to pay its last respects to Joan at a less than perfect funeral where the hearse is late,young pall-bearer Harry collapses,dropping the coffin and Joe Penhale's phone goes off. Martin's oration is also more of a health lecture. His parents do not show up but Joan's sister Ruth does,and is surprised to find Joan has left her the small-holding. With Al as her farm-hand and much relieved that her supposedly terminal illness was misdiagnosed,she decides to stay a while. Harry's condition worsens but Martin spots its cause as being his keep fit obsession though,with Pauline now moved to Bristol,chaos reigns at the surgery where Louisa and Martin are now living. Exhausted by motherhood Louisa gamely attempts to be Martin's receptionist but it is too much so she recommends yet another flaky local girl,Morwenna Newcross. Martin gets a call from London to say that a locum has been found for his new post there and he can stay in Cornwall until October.

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