nother of Captain Hero's weaknesses is revealed: he assumes anyone or anything using the word 'Super' in their name is automatically an enemy he must do battle with. When he learns of the TV show 'Super Nanny' he issues a challenge to her by acting like a spoiled child. When Super Nanny does appear, however, he finds her to be a much more powerful adversary than he expected, and is soon submitting meekly to her disciplinary tactics. While the house-mates are grateful to have some peace around the house, could Super Nanny have an ulterior motive? Meanwhile, Spanky sets out on a mission to get Ling-Ling to pass a driving test. Ling-Ling is at first a dismal failure until Wooldoor offers him a chance to change. It may be just the thing Ling-Ling needs, but what will he have to give up in return?

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