fter going out on what first appears to be an ordinary mission, Captain Hero returns tearfully carrying the body of his faithful sidekick, Captain Girl, killed by arch-villain The Mad Libber. Wooldoor sees the chance to fulfill his lifelong dream and asks to be Captain Hero's new sidekick. Hero reluctantly agrees, but Wooldoor soon finds that nothing he does is good enough to win his mentor's approval, and he is fired. All seems lost for the Sockbat until he sees a news alert that The Mad Libber is about to strike again, so he decides to go out and prove his worth as a crime-fighter. Meanwhile, Captain Girl's death causes Toot to re-evaluate her life, leading her to the conclusion that she needs a baby to make herself complete. Before taking the plunge, however, she decides to try out her maternal instincts by first taking care of a Nicaraguan baby for a few weeks.

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