fter attending a party, Cassie Hughes gets more attention from cool Medenham schoolmate Leon Tyler then she bargained for. What really startles her is that since her visions started she seems able to make things move or happen magically, which she tells only to her room-mate and lesbian games partner Thelma Bates. Next Cassie gets visions of a gorgeous youngster, Azazeal, and her powers get stronger and scarier, even causing Leon to catch fire. The counselor explains Azazeal is the leader of the 'nephilim', Hebrew for 200 fallen angels with the power of witchcraft to spread sin on earth. After seeing Cassie make a pass at hunky Troy, Thelma wines her lesbian love isn't requited and runs away. Now Azazeal demands Cassie's help to regain his powers, claiming her finding the 'canari' which gave her powers was his plan, she gets to see Thelma, he wants another willing sacrifice, like lady Rachel was centuries ago...

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