eon was unable to stab Alex to death, now Malachi has an intact host of boarding school girls as succubi to feed on and enjoy as sex-slaves. Leon does however make a fine slaying squire for Ella, who believes killing just isn't in his nice nature. Thelma blames Ella for killing Maya but failing to slay Malachi, then asks him for help on his mother Cassie's behalf, and discovers in Tom's dreams he has a gay crush on room-mate Leon, and tells Ella. Tom tells Leon he feels Ella just doesn't treat him well, makes him miserable; Ella admits to Leon she doesn't expect to become lovers again, he discovers she even keeps secrets for him with traitor Thelma. Malachi drags Tom into his perverse group, even marks his neck magically, as Leon discovers, who gets a sword to decapitate his mate, who wakes up just then. next scene, Leon reports, marked himself, to Malachi, who assigns him to spike Ella's drink with St. John's worth and thus neutralize her powers. The all too often abused, dehumanized lover now punishes her, tied up for rape, and reads in the book of Orokiah she can be killed by utter bleeding, but Thelma saw that and gets the Volta weapon from Malachi's room...

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