he news of Gill's discovery leaks out and NORBAC becomes the focus of stem cell protesters. The team at NORBAC can't find anything unusual in the samples from New York, so start to do more exotic tests on the samples. Gill, a U.S. citizen, comes under pressure from the U.S. government for using an unauthorized stem cell line in her research. While trying to get her research ready for publication, Gill discovers that the unauthorized stem cell line contains an active retro-virus which is very serious but very strange as this line is used in laboratories all over the world and a problem hasn't been reported. David's mother dies and he goes to Vancover to attend her funeral. The politics surrounding the stem cell line become increasingly complicated but Caroline decides to go on the offensive and report the problem to the scientific community. After the funeral David's problems with his father re-emerge and he delays his return to NORBAC. Bob thinks that Glenn will awake from his coma which gives Caroline hope for the future.

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