teve reacts furiously when Frank becomes violent towards Ian, the two argue and are split up by the others before disappearing into the night. When Frank fails to return home on disability pay day the Gallaghers fear the worst and their worries aren't helped by reports of a body fitting Frank's description being found in a near by river, but it turns out to be a PR stunt by local police. Frank wakes up on a park bench in France with no idea how he got there and when he scares local residents trying to find out the time he ends up in a French jail. When news of Frank's predicament gets back to the estate Kev & Veronica agree to drive to France to bring Frank back. On his return to Chatsworth, an unamused Frank is greeted by locals with red white and blue french flags. When Fiona refuses to kick Steve out for his part in the fiasco, Frank decides his family don't respect him and after venting his rage in a quick tour of Manchester he heads for the Jockey and a discussion with a fellow local sees Frank leave the Gallagher household for good as he moves in with agoraphobic Sheila.

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