imi is now heading the PTA at the local school and twists Frank's arm into becoming the janitor so that he can pick the magic mushrooms in the adjoining field. This does allow him to finance his latest venture with the Gastric Bandits,prostitutes Sherilee and Derrilee. Following a riot on the discovery that the alleged genuine London Olympic ring awarded the estate is,due to a mix-up,a fraud, half the estate are arrested and given community service,which particularly rankles with Avril,who,after her husband's departure,has moved with Letitia into her snobbish sister Patreesha's house. Jamie discovers that Paddy was not his father and travels to Leeds to meet Kassi,his half-brother by their now deceased parent. The meeting does not go well and Jamie makes matters worse when Kassi comes to see him at the pub,throwing him out in anger. Shane,however,finds some contentment,with his new venture - a festival site - and an affair with a policewoman.

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