vril reluctantly allows Patreesha to throw her a women only birthday party whilst Mimi is asked by Banbury to help out Mrs Tattersall,a once brilliant teacher,who has now lost her confidence. Helped by drink and drugs Mimi turns her into a no-nonsense ,frightening carbon copy of herself but at the party,unsuccessfully gate-crashed by Frank in drag, Mrs Tattersall admits what is really grieving her - which Mimi is able to put right. Lillian asks Kelly and Marty to retrieve a case from a left luggage locker,containing her life savings of four thousand pounds. However they discover the amount is nearer to fifty thousand and decide to keep some of it to help get them away from the estate,getting Kassi to launder it for them. Lillian is not as innocent of the bag's contents as they thought though and tells Kelly all ties between them are now severed.

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