ary Mae and Chesney are mutually smitten but fear Patreesha's disapproval. After Avril starts work at the shop - and identifies some rather odd manufacturing by Remona - Letitia and Aidan read that an adrenalin rush will bring a man's passionate nature to the fore and stage a robbery whilst Mary Mae is in the shop. It works but for the wrong reasons when Mary Mae discovers that the thieves have genuinely spent the spoils and confesses everything to Chesney. Shane's music festival is all set to go until Lilian catches him having sex with WPC Randall and tells Mimi.Mimi is convinced her son is being used so the police can launch a drugs raid on the festival and orders him to end the affair. He refuses but the policewoman's love of kinky sex ends it anyway. Fearing antagonism from the family Shane considers calling off the event but Karen persuades him to go ahead with it and it is a success - as is his first attempt to have straightforward,non-kinky sex with his girl in blue.

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