tlantis is preparing for the arrival of the hive ships. McKay has an idea to tell Earth about the imminent danger. He thinks he's able to generate enough power to keep the stargate open for 1.3 seconds, enough to send a substantial amount of data. There's even enough space to include personal video messages and Ford takes the task upon him to record them. Meanwhile Sheppard and Teyla are off to spy on the Wraith ships. On a planet Teyla has visited before, she warns a friend, Orin, about the culling that will soon take place there. She promises him a rescue with the puddle jumper and Sheppard reluctantly agrees. The two find out the Wraith force approaching Atlantis is even more powerful than expected and after a short revisit to the planet, they find themselves locked out from returning with the stargate. They are forced to watch the horrors of a massive culling.

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