eyla has found out the Wraith armada will pass the lagrangian point satellite, the Ancient weapons platform. McKay and Zelenka think it can be repaired and powered up by using a single naquadah generator. McKay, Grodin and pilot Miller take a puddle jumper to fix it. Meanwhile Sheppard's away team is ordered to find an alternate evacuation site. Sergeant Bates has a problem with Teyla. He constantly tries to convince people it's not a good idea to take her along. He fears she will give away the location to the Wraith. A while after a heated argument between him and Teyla, Bates is found unconscious. Zelenka, meanwhile, makes a unpleasant discovery. He tells Weir the city's self destruction plan is not good enough. He's convinced that the Wraith will be able to construct an intergalactic ship with information from the remains of the Ancient database.

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