tlantis is shocked by the sudden death of Major Lorne and his team. They are found burned in a village where they escorted Dr. Lindsay, who in turn was educating the villagers on more effective agriculture and fishery. There seems to be no reason why they were killed. Teyla and Ronon start investigating. On Atlantis the stargate activates unscheduled. They receive a message from Ladon Radim, a Genii who was part of Kolya's strike force that took over Atlantis. Ladon tells he has defected and is planning a revolt. He wants machine guns, grenades and C4 to make it work. In return he has a ZPM. According to Ladon the Genii have finished their nuclear weapons and will be using them as an offensive weapon and Cowen has become obsessed by uniting the galaxy under a single ruler.

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