his episode begins with the premise that the Replicators are looking for human inhabited planets and wiping out all life. The theory being that, if they kill all humans in existence, the Wraith would eventually die out, having no humans to feed on. Obviously those on Atlantis are not happy with this and so decide upon a course of action to use two Earth ships, equipped with Asgard heavy-beam weapons, to wipe out the Replicator ships one by one, putting an end to the Replicators. Initially, this plan works, whereby in quick succession seven Replicator ships are destroyed. The Replicators respond by recalling their fleet to orbit their own planet (thinking that their combined numbers will enable them to fend off any attack from the two Earth ships). Col. Carter realizes that it would be foolhardy to send two Earth ships alone to take on over 30 Replicator ships (even with their superior weaponry, the Earth ships would eventually be destroyed). To improve their odds, they forge an alliance with the Wraith and the travelers (whom Col. Shepherd encountered earlier in the season) who agree to send their own ships to battle with the Earthlings. Meanwhile Dr. McKay concocts a plan to create a Replicator whose purpose, once beamed down to the Replicator Colony, is to attract all other Replicator building blocks to it, thus forming a HUGE BLOB. The other part of his plan is to overload the ZPMs on the planet, thus blowing up the HUGE BLOB, destroying the Replicators. This episode features some of the biggest space battles ever seen in the Stargate Universe. It is great to see different ships from different races all working/fighting together against a common enemy. It's also great to see the Asgard weaponry being used with such devastating effect. For many, 'Be All My Sins Remember'd' is seen as the best episode of Season 4.

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