his Danish television series, "Ørnen: En krimi-odyssé", translated "The Eagle: A Crime Odyssey", features Halgrim Ørn Hallgrimsson, nicknamed "Ørnen" (the eagle), a half-Icelandic, half-Danish police officer who becomes the chief detective, rather than the director, of a newly formed international criminal investigative unit. He assembles a small team of experts, with a heavy focus on computer-acquired information, to deal with a wide range of criminal threats, from terrorist bomb plots, drug smuggling, human trafficking, rape, murder, and extortion. The 24 episodes are all overlapping in terms of multiple plots and character interactions. Hallgrimsson names each investigation with a character from Homer's The Odyssey, and the plots often reflect the complex themes of the Greek epic poem. Like Odysseus, Hallgrimsson has returned from the war but has no home. He lives in a hotel, and moves back and forth in his investigations among Denmark, Sweden, Oslo, and Iceland. As with the goddess Athena, who visits Odysseus to counsel him, a former girlfriend from Hallgrimsson teen years, now dead, reappears repeatedly to advise him regarding family issues. Flashbacks to his childhood reveal trauma that had likely determined much of his adult fate. Hallgrimsson is a flawed man, intensely driven, and often unknowingly hurtful to those around him. The various members of his elite team likewise have their own lives and personal dramas that crisscross and compete with the dramas of their police work.

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