lice becomes more neurotic after her mother tells her about a 'tender moment' with Shane at a party the night before. Tim finally finds out about Jenny and Marina when he catches both of them 'in the act.' In a desperate attempt to hold onto him, Jenny tries making up with Tim where he tells her to put their love to the ultimate test by traveling to Lake Tahoe and marring in haste. Meanwhile, Dana is invited to a Subaru dinner party that wants to sponsor her tennis career. But she ends up hurting Lara when Dana takes Harrison, her (male) doubles tennis partner instead. Bette and Tina have dinner with Bette's conservative father where they announce Tina's pregnancy. But Melvin Porter's negative reaction dismays both of them. Hurt that he avoided her, Kit offers Bette a little comfort and then confronts Mr. Porter to accept Bette's lifestyle even if he will always disapproves. Also, Shane runs into Clive, an old friend whom is the personal assistant to Harry Sandchuk, a Hollywood bigwig who has come to see Shane's hairstyling work.

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