n the aftermath of the events in Canada, Bette is on the run her infant daughter, Angelica, while a vengeful Tina tries to track them down. However, a serious intervention from Joyce Wischnia makes them re-think their situation for baby Angelica's sake. Shane returns to Los Angeles after her abortive wedding to Carmen and reverts back to her old bad habits of drinking and drugs while staying at the debauched Cherri Jaffe's beach house. Later, Shane gets a surprise visit from her father's wife/stepmother Carla. Meanwhile, Helena tries to get used to living without her mother's money with Alice's help. Max attends a support group for his newly expressed gender identity, while Kit has trouble with her pregnancy and must struggle with a hard decision for an abortion with Angus's support. Also, Jenny's semi-autobiographical book finally gets published and she has a book signing at the Planet with Claude in attendance, and gets a surprise when her former flame, Marina Ferrer, also shows up.

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