it's break-up with Angus causes to relapse into drinking. Meanwhile, Bette introduces Jodi to the rest of the girls at a dinner party at her house. But Bette's controlling and bossy attitude doesn't sit well with Jodi, or anyone else. Jenny and Tina finally agree on hiring a director, the lesbian feminist Kate Arden, who becomes interested in Tina. Catherine and Helena take Alice, Tasha, Jenny, Shane, Papi, and Kit out to the racetrack to bet on horse racing, and Helena ends up losing over $100,000 of Catherine's money by betting on the wrong horse. Shane tries to numb her loss of Shay by bonding more with his friend Jarod, while Paige looks on incredulously. Tasha becomes more uncomfortable about being seen in public with Alice. Elsewhere, Grace accompanies Max to his hometown for his mother's funeral where he instantly clashes with his estranged, bigoted father over Max's strong decision for the gender change.

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