n aftermath of the disastrous get-together dinner, Bette finds out that Jodi has been offered a job at an art center on the East Coast and she coldly pushes Bette away. In the meantime, Phyllis talks with Leonard and their daughter, Molly, about her coming out. Tasha's memories of her service in Iraq continue to haunt her, and she is ordered by her commanding officer to keep her sexual orientation a secret. While Tina and Kate Arden continue to talk about the movie project, Bette becomes angered by a description of herself in Jenny's book. Meanwhile, Shane plans a surprise birthday for Paige by inviting her and Jarod to the Planet to see Alison Goldfrapp perform. Helena is kicked out of her hotel suite, and Max comes to a decision regarding his job when he quits and escalates his romance with Grace. Kit continues to treat Angus coldly while further sliding into drinking, despite Papi's persuasion to stop. Also, Tina has a serious talk with Henry about how emotionally distant they have become recently.

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