ina throws a party for the girls at hers and Henry's house, but the ladies do not mingle well with Tina's new conservative and straight friends. Kit holds a Western-themed party at the Planet, while Bette's boss, Phyllis, arrives wanting a part of the action after she comes out to Bette. After meeting the girls for the first time, Shane takes an instant dislike to Papi, while Phyllis develops an attraction to Alice. Meanwhile, a penniless Helena begins looking for a job in which Shane gives her one at WAX as a receptionist. But Helena continues to have problems adjusting to the blue-collared working world. Angus gets some good news over a record deal, but later becomes deflated when his band drops him. Shane tries to get Shay accepted into a local elementary school despite his lack of paperwork. Elsewhere, Max continues hiding his birth gender from Brooke. At California Art College, Bette's teaching assistant, Nadia, begins having romantic feelings for her and Bette eventually throws herself into an ill-advised affair. Also, a revenge-seeking Jenny tries to dig up dirt on the journalist who panned her book.

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