ette deals with the consequences after controversial artwork by the deaf and liberal Jodi Lerner upsets a potential university donor. Bette also tells her T.A., Nadia, to call it quits because their affair could jeopardize both of their careers. Meanwhile, Papi challenges Alice and the rest of the girls to a grudge basketball game. On the court, Alice, Jenny, the overweight and out-of-shape Kit, and the others reject Tina, who ends up playing for Papi's team. Bette also fears for the worst after learning that her boss, Phyllis, and Alice are secretly dating. Elsewhere, Max reveals his gender secret to Brooke, who predictably responds negatively. After Jenny's book fails from the single bad review, she embarks on a twisted quest to get back at the journalist that panned her by targeting her girlfriend, Lindsey, who works in a veterinary hospital and using her sociopath skills of manipulation to play on her sympathies. Angus has a run-in with baby Angelia's new au par French nanny, Hazel. Shane has a meeting of minds with Paige Sobel, the mother of one of Shay's classmate's. Soon, Shane is out of $5,000 after Shay breaks his arm. With no medical insurance, Shane swallows her pride and self-esteem by modeling for a men's underwear design.

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