elena struggles to find a way to pay off pay her $50,000 poker debt to Catherine, who gives her an option out: an all-out, one-on-one card game of strip gin rummy to erase Helena's debit. Tina approaches Jenny with an offer by her studio boss to film one of Jenny's stories into a movie. Meanwhile, Bette's new relationship with Jodi heats up and they both end up getting the task of consoling the grieving Phyllis over her break-up with Alice. Elsewhere, Tasha has troubles letting go of the past during her tour of duty in Iraq, and pushes Papi away who offers her sympathy. Alice then takes it upon herself to visit Tasha at the military base where she is stationed, and both decide to give their growing romance a chance. Max becomes more uncomfortable with his co-workers who mistakenly think that that he is gay instead of transgender. Kit accidentally learns about Angus's infidelity after Tina inadvertently tips her off about it. Also, Shane and Paige grow even closer when they visit Shay and Jarod's elementary school to hold a talk about tolerance of people's sexual orientation.

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