ylan approaches Tina to ask for her help to get back together with Helena. But the rest of the girls do not trust Dylan. Tasha and Alice take it upon themselves to play matchmaker by setting up Helena with a potently new girlfriend, named Jamie, by inviting her and Helena over for dinner. Helena is not interested in Jamie, but both Alice and Tasha finds themselves to be drawn to her. Meanwhile, Bette and Tina travel to Nevada to meet with Marci, a potential birth mother of the child they plan to adopt as a sibling for Angelina. Back in Los Angeles, Max and Tom have trouble dealing with the unexpected pregnancy from attending a Lamaze class. Tom is trying to figure out where he stands with this. Jenny and Shane's new-found romance continues on strong despite some minor problems with Jenny's selfish and amoral attitude over starting fresh. Bette's fidelity is compromised by Kelly Wentworth who offers Bette a new job at her art gallery. Also, Kit and Sunset Boulevard throw a "guys only" night at Hit! where Max and Tom continue to argue about their problems, and the following morning, Tom walks out on Max.

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