akka and Zuko take Zuko's war balloon to The Boiling Rock, described by Zuko as "the most secure prison in the Fire Nation." It is a structure located in the center of a volcano, an island surrounded by a lake of boiling water. Their purpose is to find Sakka's father, Hakoda, and free him. Instead they find Suki, a Kyoshi warrior, and Sakka's girlfriend. She helped navigate Aang's group and some refugees through the Serpent's Pass - and actually saved Toph from drowning after Katara's ice bridge was smashed by the serpent. Dressed as Fire Nation Guards, Zuko and Sakka develop a plan to escape from the prison. Working together to a common end, they learn to trust and appreciate each other's viewpoints and judgments. Just as they are about to escape with several prisoners, they learn that Sakka's father might be among a group of prisoners arriving the next day. Sakka, Zuko and Suki abandon their own escape and stay in the prison so they can free Hakoda if the possibility arises. The escaping prisoners are caught, and Hakoda emerges from the cable car gondola as the last prisoner in the transport.

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