ones was to authenticate a rare Iron Age find, but as usual moans about it's 'urgency' when told to accompany Booth to Hollywood to investigate some coyote-nibbled human remains found around Los Angeles Airport. Upon arriving in LA they meet up with Special Agent Tricia Finn, a would be script-writer obsessed with the possible filming of Bones's book. Meanwhile back at the Jeffersonian, Dr. Goodman, steps away from his management role to return to his archaeologist roots to head up the authentication of the Iron Age man but terribly annoys Hodgins with his theatrical methods. Some details about the location of the find do not match the results from the skeleton analysis and causes Dr. Goodman to refuse to definitively authenticate the find. The LAX skull clearly belongs to a woman who had plastic surgery which keeps Angela from being able to reconstruct the victims features. The only lead, an illegal breast implant points them toward plastic surgeon Dr. Kostov who reported the shipment stolen. A meeting with escort madame, Ivana Bardu, provides Booth and Bones with the name of their victim hooker Sandra aka 'Rachel LaChance', who vaguely fits one of Angela's reconstruction attempts, so Booth 'orders' her best friend Leslie Snow. Leslie provides them with the name of an old boyfriend of Rachel's, beach volleyball-playing actor-barman Nick Hudson who tells them of her surgery addiction. Zach finds the murder weapon fits only the invention of L.A. plastic surgeon Dr. Henry Atlas, who had a peculiar relationship with Sandra under a third name, but...

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