forest ranger shows Booth and Bones the decapitated body of a young man found by hikers, at the site near talismans and killed in the way of the 18th-century legendary murdering witch Maggie Cinders, with an ax from her period, handle in an extinct birch species. It's missing film student Graham Hastings, found lying on his video camera, which recorded his panic with assistant Lori Mueller just before his bloody death. The project's surviving member, Brian Andrews, now gets the $30,000 film grant he originally lost out on against Graham and the co-production with their film professor Nate Gibbons is even selected for the Sundance film festival. Lori was quickly returned to institutional psychiatry. Graham's brother, Will Hastings, actually charms Bones. Dendrology allows Hodgins and Montenegro to identify the murder spot in the wood from Graham's elaborate video shooting, a scary task making her cuddle up to him. Lori may have found out her lover Graham was systematically unfaithful, and ingested PCP plus hallucinogen mushrooms, enough to give her the apparently male force burst for the decapitation. Brian insists Lori was clean and innocent, 'something with eyes' in the woods killed Graham after they two fled without looking for him. Now an 18th-century female skull is found in the woods, she underwent trepanation. Further forensics prove an elaborate staging, possible for film professor Nate Gibbons, but there is another person on the videos, and blood DNA on the ax...

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