he two B's are called to the Florida Everglades to investigate a human arm found in an alligator. Before they arrive, Booth is so irritated by an ice-cream cart's nagging 'music' that he shoots the clown-shaped loudspeaker; the FBI sends him to frightfully erudite and suave British psychotherapist Dr. Gordon Wyatt's home, where the perfectionist control freak's professional and private frustrations, including Epps's fatal balcony fall, are handled in a frustrating and yet calming way, while building a garden barbecue... Meanwhile Bones continues with Special Agent Tim 'Sully' Sullivan, whose apparent lack of interest and dedication makes her appreciate their friend and colleague Booth more, decides to ship the whole alligator to the Jeffersonian for examination and learns about Sully's varied qualifications and other options in life besides an FBI career, unlike totally focused Booth. Medical records of the missing Everglades kids who recklessly come close to alligators identify the victim as Judy Dowd, a Virginia State student; her father Bill believed her happy. Zach still searches the right tone to strike now he's a doctor and promoted above Angela. Hodges is suspiciously well-informed about the website Judy's college friend Abigail 'Abby' Sims tells she was on: HotStudentBodies, where the youngsters eagerly reveal more then girls care their parents to know about, owned by rich dandy Monte Gold, who has a record of teenagers abuse charges. Judy had vaginal lesions, a weird fatal back wound and her stomach contains gold traces from his trade-mark show-off liquor. Searching Monte's bus and leaning on staff shows Judy was drunk and had sex on it before it passed the alligator trail: then Monty is found dead, just near where crazy preacher Isaac Horn ranted against his immorality...

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