otcom millionaire Dennis Kyle and his wife Lacy are bloodily slaughtered in their suburban Atlanta home, just like animals in the countryside. The police was too late, even responding within 5', to a call from the house that a certain Raphael there was about to kill the 'sinners', he left a Revelations (Bible) quote about the Pale Horse. While the team flies to Georgia, 911 gets another call about Raphael going to punish sinners who possess too much. Garcia reports an Internet video of the Kyle murder. It was made on the Kyles' private computer, with a remote-controlled web camera still active, watched by Raphael who turns it off after sending his message; as Reid suspects, he works at a computer tech support help line, where clients allow him to control their computer for help, only he leaves a Trojan horse. The team is puzzled about psychologically contradictory behavior by the perpetrators. The next victim, after a one-voice call, is a handyman who apparently intruded the Douglas home- the Biblical Jesebel quote suggests he was killed as accomplice of the adulterous, now missing wife, there's another laptop with active web-cam. Raphael records her quote-conform punishment in his barn: being eaten by dogs. Jason guesses Raphael images to be the archangel. When the video is posted, the sheriff recognizes the dogs. When Reid and Javreau go to the owner, Tobias Henkel, which Reid soon realizes to be the smart killer, they get more action then either bargained for...

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