month ago 16 year-old Sandra Davis's on-off white boyfriend Ken Newcomb is shot from a car before here eyes, she next strangled to death, presumably by her date, in a park at Groten, an affluent suburb (42,000, 8% black) of New York City. It's the third of three racist killings in Westchester County, following Keisha Andrews (15) and Vickie Williams (17), black girls disappeared simultaneously from their homes in the county, corpses dropped in nearby woodland, neither raped but the date rape drug GSB found near them. Swastikas are painted on faces and cars, racism is becoming a hot political issue, the white mayor put back Lt. detective Ware in charge. Sandra was threatened by letter in advance, 'we' forbid her to keep seeing ken or tell anyone, in adolescent girl phraseology. The local police dismissed its initial suspicion of the letter-writer, black Tania Mathers (17), rumored to be dumped by Ken for Sandra, jealous after the high-school talent school. The team profiles a sexually motivated black serial killer who enjoys some type of souvenir and masquerades as racist while picking on singing black girls. Next black Naomi Dade, 16, is reported missing. The black profile causes a scared citizen to shoot 'snooping suspect' Ware. Next missing singing girl is Ally Hadley (15, black). A witness allows the team to identify the man who approached all girls... Meanwhile Spencer Reid's post-traumatic Raphael abduction-stress causes him to wrestle with substance abuse...

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