he last the BAU saw of serial killer Frank, he vowed never to kill anyone again if he only had Jane in his life. Because he was holding children hostage, the BAU allowed Frank to take Jane and escape incarceration in exchange for releasing the children. Frank has reentered Gideon's personal life. Apparently, Jane has come to Washington D.C. to look for Gideon. Frank in turn is holding a friend of Gideon's named Sarah until Jane is returned. Later, Gideon goes missing. The BAU have no idea what has happened to him. All they know is that Sarah is found dead in his apartment which is covered with blood spatters, and that he was seen leaving his apartment also covered in blood and brandishing a gun. However because Sarah was eviscerated of a right rib bone which was found in her hand, the BAU know that Frank is back. Since Gideon is still a suspect in the murder, they know they will not be asked to join the investigation. Gideon manages to telephone Hotch to let him know what he knows. As such, the team work clandestinely in finding Frank and Jane. While he's in hiding, Gideon's role is to figure out why Frank has a predisposition to cold-blooded murder. Frank's current motivation is a personal one against Gideon until Jane is returned to him. This is not a good time for the BAU as Hotch's boss, Erin Strauss, is conducting an early review of the unit, which has had some recent bad issues. He knows that he in particular in under intense scrutiny as unit head.

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