he BAU's latest case takes the team to San Francisco, California. For each of the last three years at the same time of the year, three homeless men have been found murdered in three consecutive days, after which the murders stop. Each is killed execution style but show signs of blunt force trauma prior to death. The first of the murdered homeless men this year has been found, meaning that the BAU expect two more over the next two days unless they can find the unsub. Although he has direct orders not to get involved by Strauss, Special Supervisory Agent Sam Cooper, a former BAU member who now heads his own hand picked team, asks Hotch for a favor: he wants his team in on the case as he has a theory. He has noticed that immediately after the three murders, a father and his teen-aged daughter have also been found murdered, which he feels is connected. He suspects there is currently a missing father and daughter which no one is looking for in connection to being ultimately murdered. Cooper knows that if he goes against Strauss' orders and that he is wrong, his career as an FBI agent is over. Hotch agrees, with his team focusing on the homeless men, and Cooper's team focusing on the father/daughter angle. They identify the probable missing family connected this year as Ben and Jane McBride. As the teams find some physical evidence on the dead homeless men, they believe they understand the nature of the killings of the homeless men. They also believe the key to finding the unsub before the McBrides are found dead is Jane as the reason they were the targets.

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