oby takes Kevin on a camping trip on the other side of the island where they talk about where they stand with their romance and of Kevin's uncertainty. Meanwhile, Grace continues teaching Van the values of Tresum magic, while Van is unaware that Grace has a hidden agenda for her. Elsewhere, Adam tries to score some new drugs, called 'saint' from Colin, the sleazy owner of the island's new gay sex club, while Marco deals with Adam's meddling presence, and Kai's sexual advances towards him. Grace also learns of Diana Child's presence in Dante's Cove and confronts her thus revealing they they are sisters, now bitter rivals over Diana's interest in Ambrosius. Ambrosius learns about Grace's protection spell on Kevin, and shifts his attention to of all people: Adam. Also, Michelle continues to become more afraid of Van and her ability to re-connect with her to make her remember their lost romance.

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