race identifies the so-called House of Shadows as the evil entity in Dante's Cove and she seeks the help of Adam who has flashback drug-induced visions of what is to come and who the evil is host to. But with the star-flower weed missing, Grace is forced to venture to The Lair gay sex club to find more of the magical flower. Meanwhile, Ambrosius finally learns that Kevin is stealing his powers and he approaches Griffen for help to regain his powers, which Griffen teaches him to by feeding off the sexual energy of male conquests at the Lair, which is run by the shady Tom. Elsewhere, Brit finds a mysterious treasure chest on the bottom of the bay which was apparently the secret prison of the House of Shadows entity. Toby and Adam throw a birthday party for Trevor, while both of them become at odds with one another over Toby's continuing vision of Kevin, and Adam's suppressed drug addiction. Griffen offers to help Grace find the evil entity, but only if she swears herself over to the Tresum Council and to himself. Elsewhere, the evil Michelle continues to be a troublesome presence by seducing Brit, and infecting Diana with nightmarish visions to force her to join her evil side.

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