rew is waiting at the bus stop and will be skipping school so he can go to Long Island to meet and get Wayne Gretzky's autograph, since "The Great One" is in town. Chris figuring he will get in trouble anyway, since he's supposed to be responsible for him, accompanies Drew. Problems are, Drew has no plan to see Gretzky and they end up in Coney Island instead. Along the way, they meet up with Willie O'Ree, the first black player in the National Hockey League and he helps them get to Long Island. While taking the train, they get harassed by two guys and when one discovers he's wearing an Edmonton Oilers jersey, they try to make Drew give it up to them. Chris convinces Drew to do it and when he starts to take it off, the back of the jersey is misspelled; It spelled Gritzky and it has the wrong uniform number; 98, not Wayne's 99. The guys laugh and walk away. When they get to Long Island, they go to the hotel where they think Wayne is staying, but it turns out Wayne isn't staying there. They figure out which hotel Wayne will be staying and Chris comes up with an idea to get up to Wayne's room. In the end, Drew doesn't get Gretzky's autograph but some good and bad things come out of it. In addition, Tanya, is straying home from school today, when Julius needs to get some sleep, because Tanya's class went to Philadelphia on a field trip and Julius refused to pay the one hundred dollars for it. Also, Rochelle has to go to work so he has to entertain her.

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