n English class, Ms. Rivera assigns the class to do a book report on the novel "Invisible Man." Bored by the book, Chris decides to write his report based on the movie "The Invisible Man" instead. Only after turning in his report does he learn that the movie he watched had no connection to the book he was supposed to read. Nevertheless, Ms. Rivera gives Chris an "incomplete" instead of failing him because she liked his writing. Chris asks the teacher if she could show movies based on books in class, rather than having the class read books. Since so many of the students are bored in class anyway, Ms. Rivera decides to put Chris's idea into effect. However, when Ms. Rivera is caught showing a movie in class, she is threatened with being fired for departing from the curriculum. The superintendent later decides that showing movies in class is a good idea and Chris and Ms. Rivera's pictures appear in the newspaper - which blows Ms. Rivera's cover as a fugitive from the law, prompting her to leave town and resulting in her being replaced by a succession of even more boring teachers. Meanwhile, Julius decides to raise Mr. Omar's rent against Rochelle's advice. Mr. Omar immediately brings in a building inspector who finds code violations in the apartment. Mr. Omar has to stay with the family until Julius arranges for the apartment to be brought into compliance.

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