fter his encounter with Quinn, Barney becomes infatuated with her. When he finds out that she works as a stripper in his favorite strip club, that infatuation doesn't stop. As he tries to persuade her to go out with him, Quinn has her own agenda. Meanwhile, as Robin has moved out of Ted's apartment after Marshall told her that staying would only hurt Ted in the long run, Ted tries to move on by figuring out something useful to do with Robin's old bedroom. Robin, not knowing where to go, is temporarily staying with Marshall and Lily in their Long Island house. Robin's stay may be longer than she first anticipated if only because Marshall and Lily, who have settled into suburban bliss, won't let her leave. As Robin tries to maneuver her way out of their house and back into the city, she learns why Marshall and Lily are so desperate for her to stay. Ted may provide the solution for Marshall and Lily's problem and well as his own.

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