anger Russell Varon finds a strangely eaten corps nearby the wrecked Ranger station, practically a skeleton, and an unconscious airman in a wetsuit, Paxton, who has mysterious bite-marks in the neck. In hospital, brother-in-law Dave Groves continues elaborating his alien landing theory, photographs Paxton's wounds, like his own, and hears him say 'Don't let them win'. Russel's ex Dr. Mariel Underlay, who gets bitten by a living suck-organ broken off Paxton's wound, and her present lover, sheriff Tom Underlay, have a hard time trying to calm the local population, now most households are affected by power cuts. Russel's son Jesse Varon minds kid sister Rose at ma's, then brings her over, finding him under the outdoors improvised shower with lover Larkin Groves. When Russel brings Dave back, on crutches, the skeleton is gone from his car trunk; at home Mariel and Tom are picking up the kids, back to her home, where Rose and second 'papa' Tom tell each-other they saw lights fall from the sky into the water. Larkin discovers even Paxton's wife wasn't told about his wounds and death.

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