llison dreams about a red-headed woman who is visited by a ghost-like man in the night. She also attends a parole hearing for Sam Elkin who was convicted of murdering his girlfriend 5 years ago. He has always proclaimed his innocence but at this first parole hearing, he admits he is responsible. DA Devalos questions his sincerity but Allison realizes the similarity between Elkin and the man she saw in her dreams. When Allison finally tracks down the redhead, Kathleen Walsh, she learns that she is blind and has been repeatedly complaining to the police that she senses the presence of someone in her apartment. Allison thinks she's right and Kathleen bravely agrees to act as bait to trap the man. Joe meanwhile is under a lot of pressure at work. He's worried about a new hot-shot engineer, Edrick, but Allison's sense of the man is somewhat different.

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