llison and Det. Lee Scanlon are asked by DA Devalos to look into the disappearance of Meredith Burnes, the daughter of a local councilman. She is married to Don Burnes and has a young stepdaughter, Phoebe, who is awaiting a heart transplant. All seems well in her relationship with her husband and her stepdaughter whom she had originally met when she cared for the child as a nurse. She and her husband married after the first Mrs. Burnes ran off some years before. Allison is dreaming about the case and is slowly fitting the pieces of the puzzle together, which does point to a family member being responsible for her disappearance. Scanlon is having his own personal problems as he seems unable to make a commitment in his relationship with his now pregnant girlfriend, Lynn DiNovi. Joe finds himself falling asleep during the day and his doctor tells him that Allison is the problem.

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