he peaceful existence of the small New Jersey town of Point Pleasant dramatically changes forever when 17-year-old Christina Nickson is rescued from the ocean by local lifeguard Jesse Parker during a sudden and violent summer storm. Christina is brought to the home of the Kramers. Ben Kramer is a local doctor while his wife, Meg, and their teenage daughter, Judy, take an instant liking to Christina and invite her stay with them as she searches for clues to her past and attempts to find her mother, a Point Pleasant native whom Christina never knew. Meg Kramer is an emotionally troubled woman having never gotten over the death of her eldest daughter, Isabelle, killed in a surfing accident two years earlier. Unbeknownst to Christina, her presence in the town is having a profound effect on its inhabitants: awakening repressed feelings, unlocking secret desires and heightening emotions. As Christina seeks answers to her mother's disappearance, her father Kingston, based in New York, is told by his business associate, Lucas Boyd, that Christina is the offspring of a mortal woman and the Devil. Meanwhile, tensions flare up between Jesse, who finds himself inexplicably drawn to Christina, and his best friend Terry, who secretly lusts after Jesse's possessive girlfriend Paula. Paula's scheming, hot-to-trot mother, Amber, attempts to rekindle her relationship with the good Dr. Kramer. Also, long-buried secrets kept by Jesse's parents, the domineering and hot-tempered police captain Logan and the God-fearing Sarah, begin to surface.

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